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Zeus was the Greek God of the Sky and King of the Gods. He was once a mortal, but was imbued with divine magical power by the Elders to stop the ruthless Titans. Zeus assisted in entombing Demitrius, Meta and Cronus along with the other Greek Gods and Goddesses. They then declared themselves as gods and forced the world to worship them, becoming the Greek Gods of mythology.

Zeus was only mentioned in a conversation between Piper and Chris Halliwell.[1]


His father Cronus devoured his older siblings to keep them from dethroning him, but Zeus' mother brought him to the mountains where he was raised by his grandmother, Gaea. Once he became old enough, he returned to the Olympians and used a potion to make his father throw out his older siblings and promptly killed him. Afterward, he took over the throne and ruled the Olympians with pride.


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