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City information

A seat of power to an ancient evil empire of magic


Unknown desert in the Middle East


The Lost City of Zanbar or just simply Zanbar is a city that served home to an demonic empire of ancient magic. After it was swallowed into the desert, many magical creatures attempted to raise it seeking to obtain its tremendous power.


The demon Bosk and his Demonic Forty Thieves were looking for the city when the Charmed Ones interfered. Phoebe freed Jinny, a Genie, from her bottle, but to her and Chris' surprise, Jinny was a demon and wanted to raise the city herself. Jinny got her hands on her former bottle and commanded the genie, now Richard Montana, to raise the lost city of Zanbar. She found the place when the demon who worked for her found two hellhounds who were known to guard the city. After the Charmed Ones re-captured Jinny, Richard let the city be swallowed up again into the desert.



  • Zanbar may possibly help grant the leader Invincibility since Bosk, a low-level demon, would, according to Jinny, become unstoppable if he raised and controlled the city.


The Lost City of Zanbar appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 6
I Dream of Phoebe

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