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Wyatt's favorite toy.

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Wyatt Halliwell


Wuvey is a stuffed, brown bear that belongs to Wyatt Halliwell. When Wyatt was a toddler, he became very fond of the toy, carrying it around with him everywhere he went. [1] and not letting anyone else (presumably besides his family) touch it.


Gaining TrustEdit

Being his favorite toy, Wuvey was once used by Vicus (a demon which preyed on magical children to turn them evil) to gain Wyatt's trust.[2] Vicus knew that he succeeded when he would finally be allowed to touch Wuvey. When he was able to, Vicus cursed the bear so that when Wyatt would touch it again, he would be turned evil. His mother, father, and aunts, however, were able to reverse the magic and turn Wyatt good by using the same method as Vicus.

Revealing EmotionsEdit


Phoebe enchanting Wuvey. (Click for animation)

It was used a second time, on Wyatt's third birthday. His aunt, Phoebe Halliwell, had cast a spell on Wuvey to find out how Wyatt was feeling (due to his father's disappearance). Due to Phoebe's spell, Wuvey was able to voice Wyatt's feelings, however, Wyatt followed Phoebe's example and brought three other toys of him to life who had the task of finding his father.[3] The spell went as follows:

Little boy's bear,
show me how you care.
Tell me how you'd feel,
if you were real.



  1. Wyatt was almost always seen carrying him around, or Wuvey laid next to him where he was playing.
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