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Agent Jackman

Witch Hunters are mortal vigilantes who hunt down witches and kill them without trial. They develop a sense of hatred towards witches, magical or practitioners, because of what they can do, and their "gifts".

Colonial VirginiaEdit

A troupe of witch hunters patrolled the colonial Virginia village where Melinda Warren was born. Unknown to the rest of the village, their commander, Ruth Cobb, was an evil witch herself. She was actually using the witch hunters to pick off the village's good witches.

Agent JackmanEdit

Agent Jackman was a descendant of the colonial witch hunters. In the episode "Witch Way Now?" he tricked the Charmed Ones into capturing Selena, the daughter of a witch. The girl herself wasn't a witch, but she had magical blood inside her. Although Jackman himself was mortal, he used amulets against witches' magic.


Witch hunters appeared in 2 episodes throughout the course of the series:

Season 3
All Halliwell's Eve
Season 4
Witch Way Now?

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