Phoebe is doing a book tour to promote her book Finding Love along with Elise. As she signs copies, she is reminiscing about her time in New York, a time before magic and Cole. She admits to herself that while she is happy, she misses feeling lost. As she and Elise enter a hotel in Arizona, she spots a strange light in the bushes. However, before she can investigate, she gets a call from Paige.

Paige tells Phoebe to hurry to her room, where she is waiting for her with P.J. as a surprise. They share dinner and Paige orbs home for a movie date with Henry, though she leaves P.J. with Phoebe. When mother and daughter go to sleep, P.J. spots the same mysterious light floating over the bed.

Phoebe calls Piper and Leo and learns the light is a Will o' the Wisp. Phoebe calls Coop to take P.J. to the manor for safety. It is revealed that Coop has a hearing at the Cupid Temple the next day, and he fears that they are going to suspend him. Meanwhile, the wisp follows P.J. and possesses her.

While continuing her tour, Phoebe thinks back to a stranger in line who resembled Cole. She wants Coop to know that her feelings for him haven't changed after what happened. She loves him and doesn't regret choosing to be with him, though she admits that her mind drifts to the time she was young and lost.


P.J. possessed.

At the manor, the wisp attacks Piper and knocks her unconscious. At the same time, Phoebe is on the phone with Paige, who has Tyler and Kareem over. The conversation is cut short when the wisps beams in through the phone, destroying it. It touches Phoebe and beams her into a memory.

Phoebe witnesses a witch and her daughter being burned at the stake and learns that the wisp is a fragment of that witch, feeling lost after losing her daughter. The wisp reveals it was drawn to Phoebe because she felt lost and warns her that the Old Ones are coming. Phoebe demands to have her daughter back, though the wisp is tempted to keep her to replace her own lost child.

Phoebe reaches out to P.J. by telling her that she is not lost and that her mother is there for her. She tells P.J. to beam into her arms and when she does, she is freed from the wisp. Phoebe feels the pain of the wisp and convinces it to release that pain to her, allowing the wisp to cross over. Paige and Piper orb in and Phoebe assures them everything is all right.

In the Nexus of the All, Prue confronts a mysterious figure with the Ancient Athame, demanding answers on what she has become.

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