The Whitelighter Language is a language used by Whitelighters and the Elders, consisting of clicking and clacking sounds. The language was heard several times in conversations between Elders and Whitelighters, though they speak in English when communicating with witches.


Blinded by the WhitelighterEdit


Leo clacking with Natalie


Natalie clacking with Leo

The language was first heard in "Blinded by the Whitelighter" when Natalie, an old friend of Leo, orbed into the manor to ask for the Charmed Ones help after her charge was killed.

Natalie started discussing with Leo, using this language to prevent Piper and Prue from understanding the conversation. However, Natalie using Piper's name during the discussion and Leo's hand gestures strongly suggested the nature of the discussion.

The language was heard again when Leo and Natalie were talking to each other in the Heavens and later when the warlock Eames orbed there to attack the whitelighters.

Oh My GoddessEdit

The language was heard again in "Oh My Goddess! Part 1 and 2", when the Elders were talking among themselves as Leo orbed to the Heavens to ask what was going on. When Leo asked the Elder Cecil question in English, he and the Elder Roland answered in English as well.


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