Cole is standing in the void as his soul is being wiped from existence. He is surrounded by memory shards of his life as he ponders destiny and choices. As his memories start to fade, he is confronted by his old demonic form and alter ego, Belthazor.

At the cemetery, Valen stands victoriously over Cole's body as the sisters rush toward them. As Paige orbs to Aidel, Piper blasts Valen back. Phoebe checks on Coop, who tells her that Cole saved his life. Meanwhile, a gloating Valen gets back up and hits Piper with an energy blast from his shillelagh. Paige orbs the Ancient Athame at him, though Valen immobilizes it.

Piper gets up and tells her sisters to use the depowering spell. As the sisters cast the spell, Valen charges at a tearful Phoebe, and the spell destroys his shillelagh before he can stab her. Without his magical conduit, Valen is overwhelmed by the athame. He smiles proudly over his victory as he is destroyed. Phoebe kneels down next to Cole and tries to wake him.

In the void, Cole and Belthazor fight. Belthazor states that Cole was never supposed to exist without him and that they were legendary. Cole realizes where he is and that he is fading away. Belthazor tells him that they can continue to exist if Cole becomes one with him again. Suddenly Cole hears Phoebe's voice and remembers her name.

Belthazor claims it is impossible for him to remember. Cole replies that he is indeed legendary because he defies destiny. He admits he is tired of existing between life and death and accepts his fate, stating he is finished. Belthazor furiously attacks him.


Cole fading away.

In the cemetery, Cole wakes up for a moment and asks if Phoebe is okay. She replies that she is fine because he saved Coop. Content, Cole then smiles and fades away.

In the Nexus of the All, Prue is trying to communicate with her mysterious tattoos. The sisters and Coop orb in outside and knock on the door. They inform her about Cole's death and hand her the athame. Prue wonders if she can undo what has been done, though Piper tells her Cole's soul is destroyed. For unknown reasons, the sisters are all reluctant to be there and want to leave as quickly as possible. Prue hugs Coop as they leave. Her tattoos send her another cryptic message.

At the manor, Piper and Leo toast to Cole. Paige whispers to a sleeping Henry that she loves him. Coop lies awake next to Phoebe, unable to sleep. He leaves the manor and calls Prue. They both agree that they owe Cole for saving their lives. Prue reveals that she slipped Benjamin Turner's soul into Coop's pocket when she hugged him.

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