KIBID videocover

A werewolf on the cover of Kill It Before It Dies.

Paige Matthews: "A Wendi-what?"
Phoebe Halliwell: "Um, a wendigo. It's kind of like a werewolf, only meaner."
Phoebe Halliwell comparing werewolves with wendigos.[src]

A Werewolf is a mythological human who become wolves under the light of the full moon. Despite being mentioned multiple times, the only werewolf to actual appear was fictional. The main antagonist of the film Kill It Before It Dies was a werewolf, who chased Billy Appleby and Sally Mae.[1]

Piper Halliwell once turned into a Wendigo[2], which Phoebe later mistook as a werewolf.[3] She later described a wendigo to Paige as "like a werewolf, only meaner".[4]

Under the magical influence of the Blue Moon, the Charmed Ones once transformed into Blue Moon Beasts similar to how werewolves transform under a full moon.[5]


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