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Little Box of Horrors

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Sammi Hanratty


Wendy was a young girl who ended up trapped in an elevator with Trey, Paige Matthews and a quarreling couple.


When her father sent her down to meet her mother in the lobby, Wendy got trapped in an elevator with Paige and the others. When Paige tried to calm her down, Wendy told her she had asthma and that her mother had her inhaler. When Trey got electrocuted trying to fix the elevator, Wendy became afraid and had an asthma attack. Paige instructed Linda to sing Wendy her while she had Roger performing CPR on Trey. The singing allowed Wendy to calm down and stop the attack. When the elevator finally opened, Wendy was reunited with her parents.


Wendy has appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 7
Little Box of Horrors

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