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Brain Drain

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Sand Francisco Dreamin'

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Wendy was a mortal friend of Piper Halliwell. When she was pregnant, Piper hosted her baby shower at P3 in order to restore their friendship, which had suffered through all the demon vanquishing.


When Piper found out Wendy was pregnant, she offered to host the baby shower at P3 in hopes of restoring their friendship. Another friend, Becca, later arrived at the manor to pick up Piper and bring her to shower. Piper was having a great time at the shower, but she was interrupted by her sisters and Leo to help deal with a Chameleon Demon. Piper was later captured by the Source of All Evil and placed in an illusionary world in an attempt to manipulate her into giving up her powers. An illusion of Wendy also appeared with her baby as part Piper's desire to have a normal life.[1]

Wendy was later mentioned in a conversation between Piper and Leo when Piper was worried about having her own baby. However, Piper said Wendy could not help her, since her child was not magical.[2]

A year later, Wendy and Becca helped to organize Piper's own baby shower. However, their arrival was badly timed as the sisters were plagued by a demon who brought their dreams brought to life with dream dust.[3]


Notes and TriviaEdit


Wendy appeared in 2 episode throughout the course of the series.


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