Artifact Information

A Gypsy talisman resembling a cross with an eye in the center


Used to augment powers




Waffediyok (Romani for "The Evil Eye") is an ancient Gypsy talisman blessed with the ability of augmentation, which is the power to increase the powers of its possessor.[1] It is shaped like a cross with an eye in its center. The Waffediyok is the family symbol of the Nicolae family, which Shuvani are the keepers of the talisman.


The Nicolae GypsiesEdit


Lydia using her power, augmented by the evil eye.

One of the Shuvanis in the Nicolae Gypsy clan was Lydia Nicolae. She possessed the necklace and used it to augment her power of Optical Energy Blasts; the power to shoot green beams of energy at an opponent.

Lydia probably got the necklace from her mother, who passed the necklace down to her. It could also have been the necklace that her sister used to own before she was killed by Orin, a Gypsy Hunter. When Lydia was killed by Cree, the son of Orin, the necklace was passed on to Lydia's niece Ava.

The Waffediyok symbol is also later used by Ava Nicolae to serve as a Gypsy counterpart for the Caduceus/Rod of Asclepius for her free medical clinic that she set up for the local Gypsy community, for Gypsies without medical insurance[2].

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Javna invokes the power of the evil eye to gain eternal youth, however, this evil eye is not the Waffediyok since Javna would probably not use any Gypsy magic.
  • The prop necklace was sold at the end of the series.


  1. As proven by Phoebe Halliwell when she touched the Evil Eye and was able to astral project into a premonition.
  2. As seen at the end of the season 5 episode "The Eyes Have It".

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