Volume Two
Volume 2 cover a
Issue Information
Volume 2
Published September 7th, 2011
Written by Paul Ruditis
Artwork by Tess Fowler (issue 6 & 11)
Marcio Abreu (issue 7)
Carlos Granda (issue 8)
Dean Kotz (issue 9 & issue 12)
Cover Artwork by David Seidman
Coloring by John Hunt
Milen Parvanov
Letters by Jim Campbell
Edited by Ralph Tedesco
Comic Guide
Volume One
Volume Three

Volume Two is a collection of 7 issues of the Charmed comic series.


"The secrets we hid in the night..."

It begins innocently enough when a child reveals powers she should not possess, leading to an offer that few could decline. The Charmed Ones have long since come to terms with their magical calling complicating their lives, but that doesn't make things any easier as they face down challenges that could tear their families apart. Their latest threat comes from a mysterious power that is finally revealed in the body of an enemy Piper, Phoebe, and Paige never dreamed they'd encounter. The sisters must unite again in a battle between the Heavens and the Underworld that could destroy not only The Power of Three, but all of humanity in the process.

Included IssuesEdit

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