Volume One (Season 10)
Season 10, vol 1
Issue Information
Volume 1
Published April 29, 2015
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Eliza Feliz (issue 1-5),

Daniela Di Matteo (issue 6 + issue 7 preview)

Cover Artwork by David Seidman
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Volume Four
Season 10, Volume 2

Volume One is the fifth volume in the Charmed comics series. This is the frst trade paperback release for the tenth season. It was released on April 29, 2015.


The Halliwell Sisters – Piper, Phoebe, and Paige – are the Charmed Ones. Together, they alone have access to the greatest source of pure magic the world has ever known… the Power of Three. The Power of Three was threatened when their dead sister, Prue, was resurrected in the body of a coma patient.. For a time, the sisters' magic was thrown off balance... but now, having relinquished the Power of Three, Prue has been imbued with the magic of the Nexus of the All, a mystical convergence with untold potential. Though the Power of Three is once again in harmony, Prue must never leave the location of the Nexus, or the sanctity of magic as a whole will be compromised.

Included Issues


  • Season 10, Volume 1's color scheme is green. This continues the trend started in Season 9 of the volumes matching the colors of the DVD releases. This also confirms that the volumes are using the Region 2 DVD artwork for inspiration, as only the Region 2 version of the Season 5 box set is green.
  • The volume contains a four page preview of issue 7- Hard Knox Life.
  • Unlike previous volumes, this volume doesn't have a covers gallery. This is because the covers are used in their entirety as title pages for each "chapter".
  • This is the first trade paperback to use one of David Seidman's covers since Volume One (Season 9).
  • The front cover image is the cover for issue 5: Whatever Happened to the Demon with a Soul? A cropped image of the issue 1 cover (No Country for Old Ones) is used on the back cover.