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Voice Manipulation
Power Information

To control and manipulate or enhance one's speaking or singing voice




Supportive Power


Voice Manipulation is the ability to control and manipulate your own speaking or singing voice. Some demons like Barbas, or the Triad can copy other people's voices. Shapeshifters possess this power as well. In most cases, however, this ability causes the user's voice to deepen and sound more threatening, as well as adding an echo to their voice.

List of beings who use(d) Voice ManipulationEdit

Original power Through spell, potion, stealing, etc.
Ari, Barbas, The Triad, The Source of All Evil, Shapeshifters, Demonatrix, Julie, Kieran Demons, Spirit Killer, The Boss, Malcolm, Jeremy Burns, Goddess of Earth, Gideon, The Avatars Wyatt Halliwell[1], Dr. Curtis Williamson [2], Monkey Totem [3]

See AlsoEdit


  1. Through Projection.
  2. Through influence of the Power of Three.
  3. Through Sense Projection.

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