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Little Monsters

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Caleeb Pinkett

"This stupid kid, and he's got hostages. Only I know him and he wouldn't hurt anybody, but I've ran out of time to talk him down. SWAT's ready to move in. I don't wanna lose him, Paige."
Darryl Morris discussing Virgil.[src]

Virgil was a young criminal who presumably attempted to commit a robbery. When something went wrong, he took hostages and the SWAT team was called in.


Darryl Morris, who knew Virgil, did not want him to get hurt and asked Paige Matthews for help. She then cast a spell to make him invincible. When Darryl proceeded to enter the post office, Virgil panicked and shot him, though the bullets bounced off easily. Darryl overpowered Virgil and took him outside, resolving the hostage situation. When Darryl attempted to put him in a police car, he accidentally ripped off the door and shoved him through the other door while really trying to put him into the car, causing Virgil to freak out.


Virgil appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

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