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Vincent Wrong
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2004; the Underworld


Mr. Wrong

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Vincent Right ("doppelgänger")

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Paige Matthews

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A Wrong Day's Journey Into Right

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Gabriel Olds

Demonatrix: "Still, with all do respect, how do you know what she wants?"
Vincent: "Because it's what I want. We are one in the same. I exist solely to please her. And I intend on doing exactly that."
— Vincent and a Demonatrix discussing Paige.[src]

Vincent Wrong, also known as Mr. Wrong or simply Vincent, is a duplicate of Mr. Right created from Paige's spell. Because she used the spell for stress relief, he was created from her dark side, which longed for independence and to be able to use magic unrestricted. He and his good counterpart know Paige better than anyone.


For three weeks, he joined forces with a demonic clan known as Demonatrix and ordered them to kill other demons instead of innocents in order to lead Paige to him. Meanwhile, he built a replica of the Halliwell Manor in the Underworld as part of his plan.

As soon as Paige met Vincent, she became unable to resist him and turned against her sisters. Vincent then convinced Paige that the only way she'd be truly free was for her sisters to die. However, Vincent's good counterpart teamed up with Phoebe and realized that in order to break their magical bond, he would have to be made real. Phoebe then tested the potion on his good counterpart, which successfully made him real and subsequently Vincent as well. Piper then vanquished him by blowing him up and doing so, broke his control over Paige.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Vincent presumably has all the same powers as Paige, though he only used a few.
  • Vincent's name comes from Paige's first love, as confirmed by Vincent himself. This contradicts Paige's statement about Philip Lewicky being her first love in "A Paige from the Past".
  • Vincent was able to orb himself and a Porsche, which means that Paige would also be able to orb something that heavy.
  • As a part of Paige, Vincent was never completely evil. This is shown by the fact that he saved the car salesman from being killed by the Demonatrix. He told her that they don't kill innocents.



Vincent Wrong has appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.