Vincent Right
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2004; Halliwell Manor


Mr. Right

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Vincent Wrong (doppelgänger)

Magical characteristics
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Character information
Only appearance

A Wrong Day's Journey Into Right

Portrayed By

Gabriel Olds


Vincent Right, also known as Mr. Right, was the result of Paige Matthews' spell for stress relief and her desire to be free to use her magic without fear of consequences. As a part of Paige, he knew her every thought and desire. Because the spell was used for personal gain, the spell created an evil counterpart of him known as Vincent Wrong.


Once Phoebe found out about Mr. Right, she scolded Paige for using magic for personal gain, having just lost her active powers for the same reason. Mr. Right, and thus indirectly Paige, admitted she was right and he later helped Phoebe realize that Paige was stressed. He apologized on behalf of Paige, allowing Phoebe to understand and forgive her sister.

After they discovered Vincent Wrong was his evil twin and Paige was seduced by him, Mr. Right realized that making him real would break his bond with Paige. He teamed up with Phoebe and tested the potion on himself, making himself real and subsequently his evil counterpart as well, thus breaking their bond to Paige.

After his evil counterpart was vanquished by Piper, Mr. Right left, being taken care of by Leo. It's unknown where he went, though he might have gone on the vacation Paige wanted. When he asked Paige if they would ever meet again, Paige told him only if he got into too much trouble.


To Summon Mr. RightEdit

A perfect man I summon now,
Another way I don't know how.
Bring him now into the light,
Come back to me, Mr. Right.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As he was created by and from Paige Matthews, Vincent, like his evil twin, had all powers and abilities of Paige, though he never displayed them. 

Basic Powers

Active Powers
  • Telekinetic orbing: The ability to teleport objects.
  • Orbing: The ability to move from one place to another.
  • Conjuration: The ability to create objects out of thin air. He used this power to conjure a plate of breakfast for Paige.



  • Vincent's name comes from Paige's first love, as confirmed by his evil counterpart.


Vincent Right appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 6
A Wrong Day's Journey Into Right

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