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The warlock Anton being vanquished.

Vanquishing is a term describing the destruction or death of a magical being. It is typically used in reference to the destruction of the forces of evil, such as demons and warlocks, while the death of mortals or the forces of good is generally referred to as killing instead.

When vanquished, beings are often destroyed in a violent manner, such as bursting or exploding in fire or black particles. Most vanquishes leave no trace behind, while others may damage the surroundings. An explosive vanquish can destroy an entire room and shatter windows[1], while a burning vanquish may only leave a scorch mark.

To vanquish a being can be achieved in several ways; beings can be vanquished with spells or potions, magical powers, weapons and blunt force trauma. Several magical beings have very specific vanquishing potions or methods. Additionally, upper-level demons are notably more difficult to vanquish to their high resistance. Furthermore, some beings can only be vanquished by the Power of Three or something equally powerful.[2]

When evil beings are vanquished, their essence and powers are cast into a plane known as the Demonic Wasteland, where they are consumed by a beast inhabiting the wasteland.[3] Being vanquished typically means the being in question is utterly destroyed. However, this does not prevent them from being resurrected.[4]

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Vanquishing is not to confused for Banishing, which is the act to cast a being out from a certain location or to another plane, preventing them from returning.



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