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Vampire girl
Vampire Queen
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  • 2002, Underworld - First Vampire Queen
  • 2008, Underworld - Third Vampire Queen


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A Vampire Queen is the leader of a clan of Vampires. She can only be vanquished by the Power of Three which would vanquish all her vampires as well.

History Edit

Bite MeEdit

The first featured Vampire Queen tried to sway Paige Matthews to become part of her clan, with the help of her top minion, Rowan, as part of a plan to overthrow the Source of All Evil, which at the time was a dominant entity inside Cole Turner. The queen was vanquished by Source Cole when he threw a fireball through her heart, as the plan had gotten too far and risked the Charmed Ones losing Paige to evil.

Something Wicca This Way Goes...?Edit

A different Vampire clan's queen later made a secret deal with Zankou and with the Charmed Ones, but Zankou had gotten to her first, the double-cross befell the girls. Though assumed to have advanced forms of basic vampire powers perhaps even rivaling the first featured queen, her abilities are unknown, being that her only scene was her making the "deal" with the sisters.

The Heir Up ThereEdit

A third Vampire Queen appeared in the comic series this time, with the name Lorna. She was chased by the darklighter Rennek under Neena's orders. While being chased by Rennek she seemed confident, but when Neena appeared she looked terrified. It was revealed Neena was the one who gave her the power to become the Vampire Queen and she had just asked for her allegiance in return. Lorna tried to change Neena's mind about killing her, though Neena quickly killed her.



Three Vampire Queens appeared in a total of 2 episodes and 1 comic issue throughout the course of the series.

Season 4
Bite Me
Season 7
Something Wicca This Way Goes...?
Charmed Comics
The Heir Up There

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