Valkyrie Pendant
Artifact Information

A magical pendant with a green stone

  • Allows travel through portals
  • Becoming a Valkyrie



Valkyrie Pendants are magical pendants worn by the Valkyries of Valhalla. These pendants grant the Valkyries the power to open portals to travel to and from their magical island.

When a witch puts on the pendant, she is transformed into a Valkyrie. The Charmed Ones each wore a pendant to travel to Valhalla safely to rescue Leo. Piper eventually became almost entirely Valkyrie due to the emotional pain of Leo leaving her. While wearing the pendant, she gained all powers possessed by the Valkyries while her true self was being repressed, though she still accessed her Wiccan abilities such as when Piper scryed for the lost warriors and froze a knife aimed for Darryl[1].


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