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Vaklav's Camera
Artifact Information

A magical camera used to trap innocents in collages




Vaklav's Camera is a magical artifact owned by the demon Vaklav. He used the camera to trap innocents in his collages, preserving them as part of his twisted collection.

Vaklav trapped his victims by taking their picture, though he could free them for his collage without the camera. Paige Matthews was also able to use the camera against the demon himself.


In 1955, Vaklav trapped the young J.D. Williams in his collage. However, he managed to escape in 2005, which was when he was detected by his Whitelighter, Sam Wilder. Vaklav attempted to retrieve him and later trapped Sam instead. All victims trapped in the collages were later freed by Paige Matthews, who used the camera on Vaklav and trapped him.[1]


  • This camera is similar to the futuristic camera used by Eggman Nega in the video game Sonic Rivals, which traps Tails, Amy, Rouge, Eggman, and the Master Emerald in cards.
  • It is also similar to the camera used by Peter Fisher under the influence of Nephlite in the anime Sailor Moon, which traps them inside the pictures it takes of them. This is also the power of the Negamonster Kyameran, whose essence was implanted in said camera.


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