This little blog is about the final death of the charmed ones. This is fanon.

On June 7th 2014 Piper Halliwell is celebrating her 41st birthday. Wyatt has just developed a new power and Melinda is further developing hers. Chris is Praticing his telekinetic orbing on the crystals and accidently traps Wyatt. Wyatt begins to scream and Chris just walks away from him. Leo walks into the parlor to see Wyatt trapped in a crystal cage. Leo walks over to Wyatt and frees him while Chris is hiding from his brother. Piper is walking down the stairs when a demon appeared and throws a fireball at her. Piper freezes the fireball and Melinda orbs it into the demon destroying it. Piper picks Melinda up proud of her first vanquish. 2 Hours later Piper is at her resturant training Melinda with Molecular Immobilization. Phoebe and Paige orb into the resturant with a ingured Prudence. Piper is confused on why she is hurt and why Paige did not heal her. Phoebe says her house was attacked by demons around the same time Piper was attacked at her home. Paige says that she was attacked at that time as well. Paige begins to heal Prudence when Tamora and Kat orb in. Tamora is bleeding and Kat is worried. Paige finishes healing Prudence and starts to heal Tamora. Henry Mitchel Jr. orbs in with Henry the same time Coop beams in with his daughters. Piper is questioning why everyone is in her resturant. They say that demons attacked there homes in hordes. Wyatt, Chris, and Leo orb in at that time and with a ingured Leo and unconscious Wyatt. Chris is worried considering he does not have the power to heal yet. Demons flame into the resturant and throw at fireball at Phoebe flipping her over a table and landing on the floor. Piper attempts to blow them up when they flame behind her and punch her down. Tamora and Kat starts to throw chairs and tables at the demons only for one to appear behind them and throw them against the wall knocking them both unconscious. Henry, Henry Jr. Coop and Coop's Daughters teleport out of the resturant. Paige looks up at the demons and immediatly orbs everyone out of the resturant except for herself and the demons. Outside Chris wakes Wyatt up for him to see everyone down. Wyatt rushes over to Leo and heals him While Chris is trying to wake up Phoebe. Inside Paige is aiming her hand at the demons. The demons begin to laugh at Paige when one of them Explodes. Paige looks at the demons and realize she has her first witch power. She has gain her past lifes power of Electrokinesis. Paige blasts another demon and orbs out. Everyone outside is healed and they all teleport out. Back at the manor everyone is hiding. Neena flames into the manor and blasts Leo threw a wall killing him. Wyatt screams and shoots flames at Neena throwing her out of the manor. Piper runs to Leo and checks to see if he is living. Piper starts to cry while Neena teleports back in. Piper gets up and blasts Neena out of the manor. Demons teleport in and start blasting. The manor begins to burn and everyone teleports out of the manor. While checking for everyone they realize that Henry Sr. is missing. Paige orbs into the manor to find Henry burning alive. Paige attempts to orb him out only for a demon to knock her out leaving the two to burn alive in the manor. Piper falls and realizes that the power of three is broken. Piper asks Wyatt to bring Paige back. Wyatt attempts to bring back Paige when a Power struggle happens. Paige orbs back into the manor as a full whitelighter and Prudence is brought back from the dead. Piper shocked to see Prue as not being able to see her for 13 years. Neena Flames into the manor and the sisters begin to use the power of four spell. The four begin to reunite when Prue morphs into Neena and stabs Piper finally finishing her off. Phoebe tries to attack Neena only to accidently blast Paige. Neena flames in with a darklighter crossbow and shoots Paige. Phoebe grabs Neena and uses her power to open a portal. Neena begins to get sucked in when she stabs Phoebe and she falls into the portal. Neena closes the portal and leaves the manor. As Neena walks away from the manor the manor bursts into flames. Coop is the only living parent in the family and he adopts Henry Jr. Tamora and Kat and Wyatt, Chris and Melinda. several months later Coop is killed by Neena and the children go to Victor and The Elders.

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