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Is Neena the most powerful evil yes or no

XzArandomZ February 26, 2011 User blog:XzArandomZ

Is Neena the most powerful evil. One she killed one of paiges charges (Zankou,Salek). Two she took or has the sources powers (Seer, Cole, Unborn Source). Three she took over the underworld. Four she killed a whitelighter (Eames, Cronus, Demetrius). Five she attacked a elder (Gideon, Barbas, Cronus, Demetrius). Six she took over the Heavens (Cronus, Demetrius). Seven she got rid of a Destiny Angel! Eight she got rid of a charmed one (Shax) SHE IS the most powerful evil i can think of in charmed is there anyone else you think is more powerful, more cunning, and more determined!

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