On July 4th 2015 Piper is celebrating her 42th birthday. The whole family has come to the party Phoebe, Paige, Henry, Coop, Tamora, Kat, Henry Jr. Prudence, Penelope (Grams), Penelope (Phoebe's Second Daughter Made Up Name), Patricia (Charmed Ones Mother), Patricia (Phoebe's Third Daughter Name Also Made Up), Victor, and friends of the family dead and living. Everyone is having fun Except for Paige. Paige decides to go to the basement and begins to sense something evil lurking in the manor. Wyatt is using Photokinesis to make a spiral of lights in the entrance. Chris comes from behind Wyatt and pants him and orbs out. Wyatt pulls his pants up and screams at Chris and orbs after him. Melinda is Playing with Tamora, Kat, and Prudence outside when a demon shimmers in and throws a fireball at Prudence. Prudence aims her hand at the fireball and beams it back at him. The demon is hit and vanquished. Melinda looks at Prudence thinking cupids couldn't defend themselves. Prudence states that she is also part witch. Inside the house Chris is hiding by the grandfather clock when Wyatt orbs in. Chris pushes the clock on Wyatt knocking him unconscious. Leo comes up stairs to see Wyatt bleeding on the ground and Chris attempting to heal him. Leo yells at Chris for hurting Wyatt and begins to help him heal Wyatt. Billie is downstairs talking with Piper when another demon shimmers in. Billie throws the demon through the front doors. The demon lands in front of Melinda, Tamora, Kat, and Prudence. All four girls aim there hands at the demon and preceed to rip him apart. Piper looks outside and see the girls vanquishing the demon. Henry Jr. is trying to play with Penelope Jr. when she beams him away. Henry Jr. goes to Henry crying that the girls wont even talk to him without beaming or orbing him away. More demons shimmer and flame into the manor and a battle brake out. Henry, Dyrral, Victor, and Henry Jr. run out of the manor at the time Paige goes upstairs. A fireball is thrown at Paige and she falls down the stairs. The demon who hurt Paige throws another fireball at Billie. Piper freezes the fireball and Billie throws it back at the demon. Fireballs are thrown all over the manor and several people are hit. By the time all the demons are gone someone is lost. Paige manages to get up and walks towards the front doors. When Paige reaches the front door she sees that Henry Jr. is dying and the girls (with the exception of Prudence) are trying to heal him. Paige rushes over to Henry Jr. and tries to heal him only to get there too late. Henry Jr. is gone. Devistated Paige orbs to the Underworld to get revenge. Piper walks upstairs to see Wyatt dying in Leo's arms. Surprised Wyatt is even hurt Piper runs over to Wyatt. Piper screams out for Paige with no success. Wyatt is slowly self-healing enough that he does not need healing but at the same time his other powers are out and he is unconscious. Chris is in his room freaking out thinking he has killed his brother. Piper walks in about to scold him to see him crying. Downstairs the guests are cleaning up the mess and begining to leave. July 23rd Henry Jr.'s Funeral is being held and a sqaud of Whitelighters are searching the Underworld for Paige. Henry is with Tamora and Kat mourning Henry Jr's death and worried about the location of Paige. August 5th Still no sign of Paige and search was ended. Wyatt is still recovering after a month of resting and taking it easy. Down in the Underworld Paige is randomly destroying demons all over the Underworld. Paige spots a familiar demon and begins to chase him down. Paige catches the demon and begins to question him. It turns out that the demon is working for a higher force and he was the one who killed Henry Jr. Paige furious begins to destroy the demon instead she and the demon are orbed to the heavens. the demon attempts to kill a elder when he is frozen neck down. The elders begin to scream at the demon demanding to know who he was working for. The demon refuses to answer when a elder zaps him with lightning. The demon then is unfrozen and throws a fireball at Paige. The fireball hits Paige and she is killed. The elders then imprison the Demon and dispose of Paige's body. Several hordes of demons shimmer into the manor and begin to attack. Leo runs down stairs only to be blast through the wall and brake his back. Piper goes down stairs and blast the demons one by one. Melinda orbs downstairs at the time Piper is blasted and killed. The demons begin to shimmer away when Melinda freezes them. Melinda then orbs the demons into pieces. Wyatt walks downstairs slowly nearly falling down the stairs. Melinda helps him down the rest of the way and the two see their dead mother and ingured father. Phoebe is the only living charmed one left while their fathers are all still living. Phoebe in a attempt to bring the sister back died herself to bring their spirits back from the dead.

The End...I Know it sucks :D

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