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  • XzArandomZ


    October 25, 2011 by XzArandomZ

    This is a just a little question or request or what ever for the admins or who ever has the most power. Is there a way we can switch from using talk pages to going with comments like other wikias do? Because well comments would be easier to read and go through because we wouldn't need to leave our signatures afterwards, it's just a question please answer.

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  • XzArandomZ

    My Question...

    July 27, 2011 by XzArandomZ

    Right now I have one question, have we abandoned the Charmed wikia? Looking at the pages i realize they aren't up to date with the comics. There are still always more pages that could be added and problems fixed. I am just wondering because activity seems to be very slow.

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  • XzArandomZ

    if the Charmed-Verse was real and out in the open to the world what would you do?

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  • XzArandomZ

    Fix the Pages!

    March 16, 2011 by XzArandomZ

    Ok I'm looking at some pages and they are a mess that have not been updated in a long time. I want someone to rewrite those pages i would do it but most infoboxes are locked and i get yelled alot of the times i do it!

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  • XzArandomZ

    Death of the legacy

    March 15, 2011 by XzArandomZ


    On July 4th 2015 Piper is celebrating her 42th birthday. The whole family has come to the party Phoebe, Paige, Henry, Coop, Tamora, Kat, Henry Jr. Prudence, Penelope (Grams), Penelope (Phoebe's Second Daughter Made Up Name), Patricia (Charmed Ones Mother), Patricia (Phoebe's Third Daughter Name Also Made Up), Victor, and friends of the family dead and living. Everyone is having fun Except for Paige. Paige decides to go to the basement and begins to sense something evil lurking in the manor. Wyatt is using Photokinesis to make a spiral of lights in the entrance. Chris comes from behind Wyatt and pants him and orbs out. Wyatt pulls his pants up and screams at Chris and orbs after him. Melinda is Playing with Tamora, Kat, and Prudence ou…

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