Other Telekinetic Ability Advancements/Enhancements

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Telekinetically moving your body like Levitation
  • (Enhanced) Agility or Simply Agility
  • Astral Projection(Possession, Invisible, Normal, Using your power while in astral mode, being in contact with others, saying spells, etc.)
  • Deviation
  • Possible Deflection
  • Force Field or Mental Telectinetic Barrier
  • (Other)

Enhanced Strength

In my opinion it looks like in numorous times she has enhanced strength.

  1. She's a Man Baby a Man
  2. Exit Strategy
  3. All Hell Breaks Loose


Doesn't it make more sense if Telekinesis had an advancement of Levitation, rather than Premontionary powers?

But then there is also debate about if Prue levitates her body from the ground with Levitation, or just Telekinesis.

Telekinetic Mental Barrier

(In Give Me a Sign) Prue shows a possible Telekinetic Mental Barrier(blue circel around hand)But I'm still questioning so.

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