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2,000 Edits

I would like to finally say that I reluctantly reached 2,000 edit. At the beginning of my long journey to becoming a Rollback Editor I dedicated myself to this Wiki with all my hope and faith to reach more than 1,000 edits, but I realized it didn't feel significant enough to make a speech. So here I am now making the grandest speech I can create to state that I finally reached a number of edits that is significant enough to dance around the room like tomorrow doesn't exist. And I would like to thank all the users on this Wiki for not being offensive or rude to any user nor myself, for all of the users being in love with Charmed and dedicated like I (though I will never accomplish such high numbers like Glenn, Khan, HalliwellManor, SonofHalliwell, Zac, Andrew, or Chloefan03-I am thanking you all-sorry if I missed anyone) I feel so lucky to have been and will hopefully always be with talented, smart, and hard-working users.

Thank you all for making me finally find something that I enjoy doing during the day. It says made me a happier person.

I would also like to thank these users:

(not in order)

  • Shane
  • LoosedAngel
  • Tecky
  • Dyego
  • Superlana
  • and even BTR

  1. By the way I do know SonofHalliwell left but he still made more edits than I have

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