• Tuxer

    My version of Charmed

    February 23, 2013 by Tuxer

    this is how I would change Charmed, even with the restrictions and budget cuts.

    Season One: Rex and Hannah being the Season's big bads. They survive the events of Wicca Envy and Prue quits her job. In the last three episodes rex and hannah hire Rodriguez to expose the sisters as witches and cause trouble for them so they can steal their powers in midst of the chaos. Love Hurts ends in a cliffhanger with Rodriguez recording Prue using darklighter powers on Alec but Prue thinks Rodriguez is mortal and so she doesn't use darklighter powers on him.

    The last episode begins with Rodriguez exposing the sisters and in the midst of the chaos Rex and Hannah, with Rodriguez help, steal Piper's and Prue's powers but Phoebe vanquishes them with potions. …

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