Everybody always says, "Oh, I like this season, because...". Now I was wondering, which episode of each season is your favorite?

My favorite episodes:

  • Season 1 - That 70's Episode; It's funny, and has a lot of family moments. I like that.
  • Season 2 - Morality Bites; I just like seeing the sister's future (although it changed).
  • Season 3 - Exit Strategy; Piper made this episode the best. She's so funny, having no control of her new power. I also like Belthazor is in it, who is like the main evil of season 3.
  • Season 4 - Long Live the Queen; Definetely. After Charmed and Dangerous, it's like one of the darkest episodes I think. I like Piper, getting drunk and Paige, who, as younger (new) sister, has to keep her family together. And of course the scene in the end. (Personlly, I'd like this as a Season 4 Finale).
  • Season 5 - The Importance of Being Phoebe; It's one of the darkest episodes of the light season. The Day the Magic Died as well. That's just because it's one of the funniest episodes of the whole series. ("Here little Unicorn!" Paige is so hilarious there. And the way Piper reacts when Victor tells he married Doris.)
  • Season 6 - Don't really have a favorite there. The Power of Three Blondes made me laugh, but it wasn't really a good episode I think. I liked Used Karma as well. Phoebe does controle her empathy very well, and the episode was kinda emotional as well.
  • Season 7 - Charrrmed! and Styx Feet Under, can't choose. Charrrmed! because the whole pirate thing was dark, but still light (Piper and Phoebe robbing a museum? :D) I also liked that Piper used her freezing power a lot and that the antagonists weren't vanquished with another 'the strongest potion they ever made'. Styx Feet Under because it's a mix of kinda everything: a funny and sometimes grumpy Piper, a lot of powers and magic, a fabulous Charisma Carpenter, and I had the feeling 'How are they gonna get out of this one?" (a feeling that I didn't have much in the later seasons). The only thing I didn't like is Nick Lachey (didn't like him in any episode).
  • Season 8 - Vaya Con Leos. Holly Marie Combs' acting is the best.

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