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Season 5 Colors

Tooniee February 25, 2012 User blog:Tooniee

Every season has it's own color, right? Season 6 has red, season 4 has pink, season 8 has black, season 2 has orange,... . What's the color of season 5? Season 5's infoboxes are blue, but on the season 5 page, the episode names are in green boxes. I know there are 2 different dvd covers with 2 different colors, but season 7 has the same 'problem' and there only the violet/purple is used. Can we maybe choose one color?

Personally, I like the green more, since season 3 already has blue (it's another blue, I know, but still) and I'm from region 2, so that's probably a reason too :)

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