I didn't know on which talk page I should post this, so I just created a blog post.

Every episodes has it's own notes section, but sometimes they are kinda messy. So I thought, maybe we could create a few specific notes, that we put in every episode's notes section. It sounds weird, so let me give an exemple.

Notes and Trivia

(I chose Y Tu Mummy Tambien as exemple.)

  • Episode's title: This episode's title is based on the mexican movie 'Y Tú Mamá También'.
  • Promotional title: The WB used 'The Mummy's Tomb' as promotional title.
  • Evils Vanquished: (I don't know it, but let's say 2.) 2 - Jeric and Isis.
  • Innocents Saved: (I don't know this one either) 2 - Paige and Phoebe.
  • Powers used: 26 (Don't know for sure).
  • Power usage: 43. (With powers used, I mean how many powers there are used throughout the episode. With Power usage, I mean how many times there are power used (Like Orbing is 1 power, but I can be used 12 times throughout the episode.))
  • And then the other notes, specific to that episode.

The notes in bold were just some of mine ideas, if you have any other ideas, just tell me.

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