• Thewriter92

    Cloaking Spell

    April 8, 2011 by Thewriter92

    Powers cross the earth and skies
    In this place convene
    Hide us now from other's eyes
    And let us fall unseen.

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  • Thewriter92


    April 7, 2011 by Thewriter92

    In ancient Greecian times the Gorgons were three very proud and vain but good witches each with the power to turn others into statues. They fought demons and warlocks and other evils, but they let the power go to their heads. They offered protection to their subjects as long as they were given worship and gifts in exchange. It grew to the point that the Gorgons started to usurp the power of the Greek Gods, declaring themselves better and more beautiful. As punishment, Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera transformed the sisters so that they would never be able to view themselves in a mirror lest they be turned into stone. The sisters grew to have hideous faces and snakes for hair. In modern times Gorgons are vigilante beasts that, like the furies, …

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  • Thewriter92

    To Send a Message

    April 7, 2011 by Thewriter92

    To Send a Message

    Write a message on a piece of paper and then burn it in a candle's flame. The receiver of the message will hear the written words as if they were spoken by your voice.

    Send these words through the air,
    Traveling from here to there;
    Let my friend at moment hear
    This message sent to his ear.

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  • Thewriter92

    Sleep Incantation
    These words a lullabye
    Slow your breaths
    Close each eye
    Drift to dreams
    Lie as lumber
    In peaceful sleep
    And soothing slumber.

    Incantation to Wake
    By verse's end lie awake
    Rise from sleep
    Focus your mind
    Let dreams finish
    Feel your inner strength replenish.

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  • Thewriter92

    To Connect Minds:

    I think our thoughts
    My thoughts we think
    Create a connection,
    Create a link.
    Let mine be yours
    And yours be mine
    And bridge as one
    Our hearts and minds.

    To Disconnect Minds:

    I think my thoughts
    Your thoughts you think
    Break the connection
    Let fade the link.
    What's yours is yours
    What's mine is mine
    Let's rest ourselves
    In our own minds.

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