So, three Charmed related tweets tonight on twitter that I thought would be intersting to share with everyone here.

Alyssa tweeted this to Shannen - "My dearest @DohertyShannen your're my special sunshine. I love u than I love gold treasures or a delicious cake with chocolate. That's all!" and Shannen replied, "awe......thanks."

Kinda makes Shannen look like the ice queen she's known to be but hopefully these are the first steps to them being truly cool again?


Gregh Vaughan (Dan) tweeted this - "Now wouldn't this be a something to see, who's with me!!@DohertyShannen @h_combs @thebriankrause & @greg_vaughan#charmed reunion!! ;)"


@afan:@thebriankrause I miss Leo 2. Is there ever gonna b a Charmed reunio? I asked every1 else and they wnt answer me. Pls tell me something.

@thebriankrause: @afan we don’t know. Hopefully. Maybe a movie. Who knows

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