Okay, Paige was born in August of 1977 and Prue turned 7 in October of that same year. Victor saved Prue from The Nothing when she was 6, so that means he and Patty were still together, or at least still living together when Paige was born. It could be said that he and Patty were separated and he was just babysitting Prue at the house while she was sick but the way he spoke in "We All Scream for Ice Cream" made it sound as if he was still living in the manor.

So does this mean that Victor knew about Patty being pregnant with Paige? He had to have been there during her pregnancy since he was still living there when Prue got taken by the Ice Cream Truck, which took place about 3 months after Paige was born. However, in Charmed Again, Patty says that only Grams and Sam knew about her fourth child and also says "it happened after Victor and I were divorced." Am I confused or is there something wrong here? FANaticyeah 06:11, February 16, 2012 (UTC)

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