1. Charmed mini-excerpt:"Phoebe, for as long as the government needs me to coordinate with you, I am a real agent." Teaserpalooza starts now!
  2. Those wondering what Cole's been up to will find out soon.
  3. Charmed mini-excerpt: "Oh, come on. I’m not that powerful."
  4. A couple characters I created for the comics will be returning in upcoming issues.
  5. One of those characters may be appearing in non-corporeal form.
  6. Charmed mini-excerpt: "Nobody's going to yell at you."
  7. Charmed mini-excerpt: "Like hell I'm not."
  8. One more character from the Charmed TV show will pop up in season 9, but only as a VERY BRIEF cameo in a flashback.
  9. That's it for teaserpalooza. Hopefully Zenescope will have an update on #22 release date soon. Pretty sure it's gone to press. Until then I leave...
  10. A blog post on my favorite part of writing for witches.

I'm so glad we're gonna find out what the hell Cole's been up to because that was one of the top questions I feel needs to be asked. While Prue is MIA for whatever reason, is Cole still with her? Because he's trapped in between life and death, is he stuck in the void somewhere? I'm very curious

Comic-original characters will be returning? So that means a possibility for the return of Neena, Mika, Bailey etc...I'm assuming that it's a possibility that Neena will be appearing in non-corporeal form from her dimension.

Brief cameo - We already had Andy, Kyle, Melinda Warren, and pretty much the rest of the close family, so I'm thinking possibly Zankou or one of the other old boyfriends? Maybe Christy?

FANaticyeah 22:02, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

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