So on tumblr, or charmedcomicfan's webiste and other places, there are so many haters out there bashing Season 9! I don't get why? Okay, let's be honest a lot of people hate new things, and certainly don't like when new people take over things. It just BAFFLES me! How can ANYONE hate what Paul Ruditis has done? The plot makes sense. He's fixed COUNTLESS problems that the show created. The mythology makes sense. The characters are written pretty damn well. We've gotten something we've ALWAYS wanted and that's the return of Prue, not to mention an explanation as to why she couldn't be summoned for all these years. How? How is it possible that people can still bash this comic book series? I know that it's simple human nature but God, is it infuriating, or is it just me?FANaticyeah 03:18, February 4, 2012 (UTC)

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