Okay, so I have a bunch of headcanons that I developed about the series:

  • I believe that Prue was the one who wrote the entry on the Stillman Sisters in the Book. I believe that before she died, Prue definitely did a lot like writing the spell to channel her astral projection and creating her Animal Conjuring spell, so I think she probably discovered that the Stillman Sisters were wanted witches and wrote their page in the Book just as a precaution.
  • I think the reasons that the Montana and Calloway witch families were able to throw energy balls and the reason Richard had the power of Conjuration/Teleportation AND Telekinesis was because the two families made deals with Power Brokers and bought powers from the Black Market.
  • I believe the reason that in the flash forward in Forever Charmed, Phoebe and Coop are leaving Phoebe's loft from Season 8 when she goes into labor with her third baby despite that in the comics it's shown that they have their own house now is because Phoebe sub-letted her apartment to other people after she and Coop got married and in the near future, when Billie moves back to San Fran from LA, she'll rent the place from Phoebe, explaining why they were leaving her place.
  • The reason that Billie gained the power of Projection is because like Telekinesis, it works through the mental and will-power. An alternate headcanon is that she never truly had the power of Telekinesis all along and it was always just the power of Projection, and she just assumed she was a telekinetic witch.
  • I believe that Phoebe will become ordained as a Wiccan High Priestess like Grams was, considering that she has already been ordained on that faux-online church of "love and light." She will use that ordination to marry witch couples. It'll be an extension of her duty as an Empath.
  • I believe that the woman who married Henry and Paige in Season 8 was actually a Wiccan High Priestess in disguise. In the Catholic faith, women aren't allowed to be priests and Paige was the sister who was emersed the most in the craft so I think she would definitely want to be married in a Wiccan way. Also, the reason Sam wasn't there was because he was busy with a charge who was in danger and couldn't get away and Victor was out of town on business and couldn't come back on such short notice.
  • Bianca and Chris are endgame to me.
  • I read this fanfiction about Chris gaining all the memories of the alternate timeline and his dark future past coming to haunt him, and it was really good, so I'm making it my headcanon. Would explain why he called Phoebe by her name instead of "Aunt Phoebe" in Forever Charmed and why he seemed to have already personally met Grams while Wyatt was shocked to meet her.
  • Despite not strictly celebrating during the series, even though Piper does casually mention the sabbath in the "Day the Magic Died," after Forever Charmed, the sisters and the family celebrate all of the important Wiccan holy days, especially All Hallow's Eve.
  • I think that the original council of Elders, the Founders, were Elder Witches who did such good that they ascended, or took it upon themselves to become the Powers That Be.
  • The reason that Astral Projection can be learned or channeled, is because every witch has the opportunity to move their inner self out of their body. Yes, it was a power that Prue developed thanks to her telekinesis, but if you're a person who can use witchcraft, you can move yourself out of your own body and she wrote the spell that allowed her sisters to do it "Something Wicca This Way Goes?"
  • Chris will eventually reopen P3.
  • Grams used to watch Paige from afar once every week up until her parents died. She had to resist the urge to go to Paige and comfort her, knowing the consequences. So to stop the temptation, she decided to stop her weekly check ups.
  • The reason Baby Chris didn't have powers from the womb like Wyatt did is because Adult Chris had them and as we know, two versions of the same person can't have powers simultaneously.
  • Even though he is not their biological grandfather, Paige's kids will refer to Victor as "Gramps" like Chris and Wyatt do while still calling Sam "Grandpa."

What are all of YOUR headcanons?! Also, headcanon doesn't mean that you are disregarding established canon within the series, you're simply expanding on things not expanded on or explaining things that weren't explained. You can't just contradict the established canon or mythology, that just means fanfiction.

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