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    August 18, 2012 by TheFanatic

    So, three Charmed related tweets tonight on twitter that I thought would be intersting to share with everyone here.

    Alyssa tweeted this to Shannen - "My dearest @DohertyShannen your're my special sunshine. I love u than I love gold treasures or a delicious cake with chocolate. That's all!" and Shannen replied, "awe......thanks."

    Kinda makes Shannen look like the ice queen she's known to be but hopefully these are the first steps to them being truly cool again?


    Gregh Vaughan (Dan) tweeted this - "Now wouldn't this be a something to see, who's with me!!@DohertyShannen @h_combs @thebriankrause & @greg_vaughan#charmed reunion!! ;)"


    @afan:@thebriankrause I miss Leo 2. Is there ever gonna b a Charmed reunio? I asked every1 else and they wnt answer m…

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    1. Charmed mini-excerpt:"Phoebe, for as long as the government needs me to coordinate with you, I am a real agent." Teaserpalooza starts now!
    2. Those wondering what Cole's been up to will find out soon.
    3. Charmed mini-excerpt: "Oh, come on. I’m not that powerful."
    4. A couple characters I created for the comics will be returning in upcoming issues.
    5. One of those characters may be appearing in non-corporeal form.
    6. Charmed mini-excerpt: "Nobody's going to yell at you."
    7. Charmed mini-excerpt: "Like hell I'm not."
    8. One more character from the Charmed TV show will pop up in season 9, but only as a VERY BRIEF cameo in a flashback.
    9. That's it for teaserpalooza. Hopefully Zenescope will have an update on #22 release date soon. Pretty sure it's gone to press. Until then …
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    Charmed Headcanons

    April 21, 2012 by TheFanatic

    Okay, so I have a bunch of headcanons that I developed about the series:

    • I believe that Prue was the one who wrote the entry on the Stillman Sisters in the Book. I believe that before she died, Prue definitely did a lot like writing the spell to channel her astral projection and creating her Animal Conjuring spell, so I think she probably discovered that the Stillman Sisters were wanted witches and wrote their page in the Book just as a precaution.
    • I think the reasons that the Montana and Calloway witch families were able to throw energy balls and the reason Richard had the power of Conjuration/Teleportation AND Telekinesis was because the two families made deals with Power Brokers and bought powers from the Black Market.
    • I believe the reason…
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    Hey, just thought I'd make a place to discuss Paul's small spoilers for things coming up in Charmed.

    Beforehand however, as a bunch of us know, Shannen Doherty has been making quite a few comments about Charmed on her twitter within the past week, which have been really nice. She's said that she would love to do a Charmed Reunion if given the opportunity, that she loved the show, and has made comments about how the Alyssa Milano beef is ancient history (despite making a sort of joke of her on "Watch What Happens Live" two weeks ago), and has stated that all Zenescope has to do is ask her for her likenss to be used. However, when asked about it Paul said this: "I'm very sorry, but as I have explained before I have no involvement in the busin…

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    I just re-watched "the Craft" tonight just now, the movie that the PtB got the idea from Charmed from, and I absolutely consider it head-canon with the Charmedverse.

    Have any of you seen the movie? What are your thoughts on it? And do you consider it connected to the Charmedverse? Let's dicuss :)

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