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    If anyone has Twitter, be sure to follow Shannen Doherty (@DohertyShannen) and Holly Marie Combs (@H_Combs). They are so awesome, though Shannen rarely tweets, but when she does, it's always good.

    Today was just awesome to check Twitter. Here is what they both tweeted:

    @DohertyShannen: See, @H_Combs froze me for this pic. Sucks sometimes.
    @H_Combs: @DohertyShannen I'll bring season one tomorrow. Get ready. You will be quizzed afterwards.
    @DohertyShannen: @SuperSteven37 @H_Combs has been freezing me all night but I just blew her thru the door so all good
    @H_Combs: @DohertyShannen We're not allowed to use our powers on each other remember? Or do we need to sit thru a DVD marathon refresher course?
    @DohertyShannen: @H_Combs crap!!!! So I was just froze…
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