Hi everyone, I was wonder if we should get together and have a vote (to settle the matter once on for all) to decide wether or not to list all of Wyatt's non-whitelighter base powers under Projection.

We can leave it as it is Wyatts Powers and Abilities. Or Change it: (This is just an example)

Powers and Abilities

  • Basic Powers
    • Spell Casting: The ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
    • Potion Making: The ability to brew potions.
    • Scrying: The ability to locate person or object by the use of a scrying crystal, a map, and sometimes other tools.
  • Active Powers
    • WyattBowl
      Projection - The ability to manipulate reality. It is channeled through imagination, high levels of emotions, and the will to let things happen.
    • Force Field - The ability to create a protective, translucent blue force-field that rendered himself or the ones he wished to protect from harm, indestructible.
    • Telekinetic orbing - The ability to move and teleport things with the power of one's mind alone.
    • Telekinesis - The ability to move things with the power of one's mind alone.
  • Whitelighter Powers
    • WyattHealPier
      Orbing: As a whitelighter hybrid, Wyatt possesses the ability to Orb, the whitelighter version of magical teleportation. As he entered his terrible two's, Wyatt would orb around the house, much to Piper's dismay.
    • Healing: Even as a developing fetus, Wyatt also demonstrated the rare power of being able to inwardly heal his mother's injuries. Two years after his birth, Wyatt was able to heal his mother from a deadly coma, but his family did not ask him to heal any time after that because they did not want to traumatize him.
    • Sensing: The ability to locate those he is close to. During his infancy, Wyatt is able to sense his father in Sense and Sense Ability and A Call to Arms.
    • Photokinesis:Wyatt also possesses Photokinesis, the ability to manipulate light through the use of orbs. He displayed this ability as an infant in "Soul Survivor." Wyatt would use this power by making orbs appear around his eyes in an attempt to scare Piper's dates away.
  • Sub Powers Of Projection
    • Wyatt DestroysDemoons
      Combustive Orbing - The ability to channel orbs through an object, causing them to explode.
    • Pyrokinesis - The ability to start fire with one's mind.
    • Energy Waves - Th ability to release a destructive wave of energy capable of vanquishing or destroying multiple targets.
    • Power Negation: The ability to negate the powers of others.
    • Shrinking: The ability to reduce the size of objects and beings.
    • Voice Manipulation: The ability to manipulate one's voice.
    • Power Swapping: The ability to swap the powers of two individuals.
    • Summoning: The ability to transport a being to the users presence no matter where they are.
  • Magical Artifact

Excalibur - Being the true heir to Excalibur, Wyatt is one of the only two people on the planet that can wield the ancient sword, with the other person being his mother who is the Lady of the Lake. Wyatt has used the sword to telekinetically stab Mordaunt, who stole the sword and attempted to kill Wyatt. Since Wyatt was only a toddler when his family learned about his status as the heir to Excalibur, his mother decided that he had to wait until he is at least eighteen before he could use it. In 2008, Piper pulled the sword out of the stone so that she could use it to fight the resurrected Source. However, his ability to wield the sword was later absolved when the Angels of Destiny removed all future callings and destinies attached to any of the Charmed Ones' children.

Please answer this question as well, but please keep in mind that Wyatt is not Paige, and that he was using Projection from the womb.

Should Force Field be listed under Projection?

Remember, we can not get the admins to grant up a vote if you do not participate.

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