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Charmed kids and their Power

Superlana October 27, 2011 User blog:Superlana

Guys here are some fun fact.

Piper's kids got Paige's power, while Paige's kids got Piper's powers.

  • Telekinesis - Goes to the oldest set of kids (Piper and Leo).
  • Molecular Immobilization - Goes to the second oldest set of kids by birth (Paige and Henry).
  • Premonition - Goes to the youngest set of kids (Phoebe and Coop). < (Since we have not seen this yet, it's pure speculation)

Paul mentioned Premonition and Prue in his second interview. He said that giving Prue premonitions as a baby would be useless, because no one would know what she saw. He was the one that brought it up so he must have at least thought about it. I know this might be reaching but I hope that's his future plan for Phoebe's girls.

Personally I would love it if Phoebe's kids inherit her powers, without any hybrid twist. I'm getting sick of the hybrid stuff.

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