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This voting blog has been created because there are many disagreements on the childs true parentage.

There are two theories here: One theory suggest that The Seer and The Source are the child's biological parents, while the other suggest that Phoebe and Cole are the child's biological parents.


First theory: The child's parents sre The Seer and The Source.

Seer said in Womb Raider ''He was never your's or Cole's, from the moment of conception this baby was mine". This suggest that the Seer used the tonic or some other magical means to make sure that the baby was hers. Phoebe also said "The baby was never mine, from the moment it took over it just felt like this black hole of evil, totally soulless". Also because this is a Tv Show, real world logic doesn't aply here, because it is the world with magic anything is possible. This theory suggest that the Seer and Source are the childs biological parents because it was stated in the show and that we should treat it as canon. There is also Phoebe never saying anything about the child being hers later on the show or a comic now. If Phoebe was really the child's biological mother the writers would have made Phoebe say anything that would suggest otherwise. The Seer and The Source feeding baby pure evil can be because they wanted Phoebe to turn completly evil.

Second theory: The child's parents are Phoebe and Cole.

First while it's true that Cole wasn't in control of his own body when the child was conceived , the Source still used Cole's body to impregnate Phoebe. This is proven by the fact that The Source also used Cole's memories and his love for Phoebe as his own. So while Cole was not in control of his own body, the Source still used Cole's body. Meaning he used Cole's body fluids (sperm) to impregnate Phoebe. So this makes Cole the childs biological parent, even trough he was not in the control when the child was conceieved. It's similar when a man donates his body fluids to a sperm bank. Even trough he has not raised the child or even new about the child, he is still the child's biological parent.

Phoebe's line "The baby was never mine, from the moment it took over it just felt like this black hole of evil, totally soulless" shouldn't be taken literally, it could be take differently. Phoebe's words that the child was never her own or Cole's can be seen in this way. At the start of the episode Phoebe was convinced that child was hers (she was all good and Cole was half good). But later all she felt was a black hole of evil . When she says that the child was never her's or Cole's she means that the child doesn't have her good side or Cole's good side, and the child is now completly the Source. So while the child now posses the full power of the Source his dna is still from Cole and Phoebe. Being good or evil doesen't change your dna even in Charme universe. Phoebe never recognizing the baby as her own could just have been because she felt it was pure evil and soulless. Phoebe did reject the child, but she was the one who concieved that as we saw in the show (this is a certain fact).

Seer's line ''He was never your's or Cole's, from the moment of conception this baby was mine". The Seer doesen't say she is the child's biological mother. She just claims that the child belongs to her. What the Seer ment was that she manipulated every event, she manipulated people, demons, sisters, Cole and the Source (both Cole/Source and the Source before Cole) all of this so Phoebe and Cole can have a baby. So going by this, after all the work she has done, she feels that the child was hers and belong to her because she was the one to set up the everything and manipulated everything so the child can be created. It's been stated that the Seer served several Sources, the question is why didn't she tried to manipulate other new Sources before Cole to have a child with her. Especially since she said that the becoming a source was her dream/plan all along. One explenation is that the child wouldn't be so powerful. The chid being so powerful could be because he has the powers from the Source and the charmed ones line. This fact is suported by the Seer never saying she is the child's biological mother, she doesn't even says she is the child's mother. All she says is that the child belongs to her.

None Source or any other magical beaing was unable to destroy the Tall man. Yet the child did it, while still being in the womb. This is not a fact but this could be possible because he is the son of Cole/Source and Phoebe.

There are three facts (canon) which suports this theory...

The wedding: If the child is from the Source and Seer, then the wedding wouldn't make a difference on the child's nature. The child whould still be 100% evil. But if Phoebe and Cole had married in white wedding (As has been stated by The Seer herself) the child whould be all good and would be the heir to the charmed ones destiny (again stated by the Seer herself). But how can a child from the Source and Seer be good because of the white wedding? The only explanation is that the child is not all evil, meaning the child is half good, which makes Cole and Phoebe it's biological parents. The child from the Seer and Source whouldn't have a good side (they are both souless demonic beings).

The tonic: If the child is from the Source and the Seer, why does the child needs tonic to increase his dark/evil side. It has never been stated that the tonic increase someones power. The only reason whould be if the child also has a good side (otherwise the Seer and Source wouludnt be feeding him pure evil if they were not scared that the child also has a good side). That makes the child both Phoebe's and Cole's. The child of Source and Seer wouldn't need any tonic to make it evil, it whould be evil allready.

The Seer never said she is a mother to the child. just that the child belongs to her.

The question why Phoebe never says anything about the child being hers later on: Why didn't the writers fallow on this storyline and have Phoebe say anything about the child. Well for a simple reason that the writers also never had the sister find out that Cole's was possesed by the Source. Even in S7 they have a Cole admiting that he chose to became the Source. But we who watched s4 know that this is not true. The writers never explaing and followed this storyline still doesn't make Cole willingly becoming the Source.The sisters in S7 had raped the minds of the whole world because of their's personal desires, something that was wrong on so many levels. But the writers never followed on this and had sisters confronted with the terible choice they made. So if the writers haven't followed on this storyline, doesn't make the sisters decision right. Or how about when Phoebe and Paige killed that guy in episode Hyde reunion.... Paige could have simple orbded the gun away. Writers never mentioning this even in the future doesn't make the desicions Phoebe and Paige made the right one (it was a terible decions the sisters made and it was a murder).


You can find more info for both theories on the Unborn Source's page. Please don't discuss anything in this blog. All you have to do (after reading this and thinking about it carefully) is chose one of this options...

1. The Source and The Seer / 2. Phoebe and Cole

...and just post it below (make sure to sign your post, even if you are a guest).

If you vote more than twice, one of your comments will be deleted.

Please don't cheat in any way. The voting fase will be followed by the admins. If you think I didn't include any important info for any theories. Please contact me on my talk page and I will edit this post. Sometimes I forgot some things and also I could be unaware of some more evidence. Thank you :) Sky89 16:58, October 23, 2011 (UTC)

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