By looking at recent discussion/s between my self and other members on Piper's talk page (and simiral dicussion in archive/s). You'll notice that I and several other members of this wiki have shown proof, canon facts on why Piper is not the one to write in the book first. Yet Perry ignored all that and kept changing the page in his opinion without any proof. Now I was ready to back of from any futher 'discussions' with him, because I started considering them rather pointless. But after seeing how Perry used his Admin powers to lock the page, I can't keep silent. This is clear absuse of his Admin status. Instead of having discussion with us, he simple locked the page and changed info based on his opinion not facts. His whole theory is rendered useless because in 'Is There a Woogy in the House?' is stated that this is the first time sistes (Phoebe) added anything to the book.

I would like for other members to express their opinion(s) on this matter. If Perry doesn't unlock the page, I propose a vote. If others agree then Perry should have his admin status removed.

And please this is not me creating 'drama'. We are suposed to be all equal here, yet Perry usees his Admin powers to prove how he is right and the rest of us is wrong. Which is rather unfair to us ordinary members, because we can't lock pages when we don't like other peoples opinions. I believed that the purpose of Admins was to help keep this wiki clean and organized, not use their Admin status to state their opinions.

I am sorry for bothering everyone with this! Sky89 20:41, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

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