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  • Sky89

    Are you satisfied with Cole's portrayal in the comics?

    I for one, don't like how the writers made him the pawn of the elders. What do the elders have to do with Cole anyway? How are they able to have an influence on him moving on to the afterlife? Not even the angels of destiny had that power, but now the elders do. And why is Cole even obeying them? I also don't agree with the whole having Cole do good for centuries. By the elders own logic (trough Leo). Cole was not at fault while being Belthazor. Nor was his fault for being the source. And his actions in season 5 certainly don't require a centuries of doing good to be able to move on. Since the sisters and Leo did just as bad.

    Sky89 (talk) 10:35, July 18, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Sky89

    By looking at recent discussion/s between my self and other members on Piper's talk page (and simiral dicussion in archive/s). You'll notice that I and several other members of this wiki have shown proof, canon facts on why Piper is not the one to write in the book first. Yet Perry ignored all that and kept changing the page in his opinion without any proof. Now I was ready to back of from any futher 'discussions' with him, because I started considering them rather pointless. But after seeing how Perry used his Admin powers to lock the page, I can't keep silent. This is clear absuse of his Admin status. Instead of having discussion with us, he simple locked the page and changed info based on his opinion not facts. His whole theory is rende…

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  • Sky89

    The Power of three?

    December 1, 2011 by Sky89

    So in the last comic we find out that the power of three was much weaker with Paige. But how were the sisters able to kill the Source, if their power was so much weaker without Prue? Or the unborn Source? He was even more powerfull then the old Source.

    I can't help but think they are retcoing this, and not in a good way. So what do you think? Sky89 18:57, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Sky89

    Unborn Source? Voting!

    October 23, 2011 by Sky89

    This voting blog has been aproved by KhanWiz. The voting will start today on sunday (octeber 23) and it will last for seven days (one week). And it will end next sunday (october 30) A.M.

    This voting blog has been created because there are many disagreements on the childs true parentage.

    There are two theories here: One theory suggest that The Seer and The Source are the child's biological parents, while the other suggest that Phoebe and Cole are the child's biological parents.


    First theory: The child's parents sre The Seer and The Source.

    Seer said in Womb Raider ''He was never your's or Cole's, from the moment of conception this baby was mine". This sugge…

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  • Sky89

    This only for powers Cole has in limbo. Not the powers he had in the past.

    1. Energy Waves ~ This is ability used by extremly powerfull beings. It's unknown what Cole is now. But seeing how he can get out of limbo for some time (Cole's talk with Patty) suggest that he has grown very powerfull.
    2. Deviation ~ This whould be a very good advancements of Cole's allredy exisiting telekenisis.
    3. Advanced Telekinesis

    I'll try to think some more later on. Untill then be free to make some interesting suggestion :) Sky89 09:09, October 4, 2011 (UTC)

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