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Future Reincarnations of the Charmed Ones

Shelby9291 December 18, 2012 User blog:Shelby9291

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I have a possible angle I am working for with my story. I am working on for my story. Everyone knows how the charmed had past lives and the abilities they had

•P.Bowen -Cryokinesis Prue Halliwell- TK/AP/TM •P.Baxter- Deceleration Piper Halliwell- MI/MC/MA •P.Russell-Divination/Firethrowing Phoebe Halliwell- Prem/Levi/Emp •The Enchantress-Elemental Conj./TK Paige Halliwell- TKO/Orb Shield/Orb Scatter

Based off their present lives' powers and advancements. What powers and advancements do you think that they would have in their future lives?

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