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  • ScreamKing93

    Hi there fellow Charmed fans.

    I haven't used this Wiki much. I have been around for a while just looking at pages and people's blogs etc but remained silent, the reason for this is because when I used to comment on certain Wiki's (ie; Scream Wiki) a lot of people were just always negative so I scope out the other Wiki's before I start becoming active with other users. Anyway, enough about that. Let me get on to my point.

    For years now I have been searching for the official 'Charmed' board games that have been released; The Book Of Shadows (with Prue), The Source and others. But I can't find any at all. The only one that is vaguely around at all is The Book Of Shadows and I luckily managed to find a copy on ebay that has to be sent over from …

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