• Rex Salazar

    Fanfic Season 9 and 10

    December 5, 2011 by Rex Salazar

    An example of each episode of Season 9 of Charmed:

    9x01: The fear grows
    Barbas returns to avenge the Charmed to kidnap Wyatt and Chris, Piper blackmails him to kill the sisters and Leo. Being defeated by Paige warns the sisters that the Apocalypse is coming.

    9x02: The mysterious return of Jenny Gordon
    Dan's niece Jenny returns to San Francisco to visit the sisters by surprise, but Paige discovers that Jenny is really a demon changes forms.

    9x03: The Court of Paige Matthews
    Paige is arrested by the board of Magic to convene a trial for a murder he did not commit, must prove his innocence Phoebe and Piper discover that Wyatt uses magic in front of mortals.

    9x04: A fallen angel
    An angel named Joseph falls from the sky by the decision of the Elders an…

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