Since I have been back on the Charmed Wiki, I have realized there are too many pointless categories. Not only does it clutter up the page, but it makes new users/editors confused. We want new users to feel welcomed, and free to add pages, without the hassle of figuring out which category they are supposed to use.

Here is a list of categories that should be used:

1) Witches: For ANY and ALL witches. This would take the place of "Upper-Level Witches" "Good Witches" "Evil Witches". It's a general "Witch" category. (Halliwell Family and Warren Witches and 2nd Generation can stay)

2) Magical Beings: This will take the place of "Species". It will also cover ANY character that has used magic, ie. Trolls, Leprechauns, Witches, warlocks, etc.

3) Character: Obviously this category stays, as all the players were "characters" on the show. This will take the place of "Main Characters" and "Recurring characters". "Mentioned Characters" should be used in place of characters that are not seen on charmed.

4) Performers, Guest Stars and Co-Stars: This should be the ONLY category for the actors who played on the show. Please use the correct title to the actor.

5) Demons: This will take the place of upper-level demons, good demons, doesn't matter, they were all demons.

6) Powers: This will be the only category for pages like "Molecular combustion" or "levitation" or Telepathy". It doesn't matter whose power it was, so categories like "Phoebe Halliwell's temporary power" is useless. "Powers" will cover it just fine.

7) Vanquished or Killed: This category should take the place of "Vanquished/Killed by Phoebe Halliwell" "Vanquished/Killed by Prue"etc. It's basic, to the point, and if we need to know how the character was killed, it will be in their article. You CAN add "Vanquished/Killed by the Power of Three" IF the character was vanquished by all 3.

8) Mortals: This takes the place of "empowered mortals" "good Mortals" "evil mortals"etc.

9) Evil: This would be for ANYTHING that was evil. Demons, mortals, witches, Monkey Totem, just ANYTHING evil.

10) Artifacts: Obviously this one stays. Evil or good artifacts, doesn't matter, just "Artifacts" works.

11) Locations: Any non-magical or magical location.

12) Magical Locations: Used for Alternate locations, Underworld, etc.

13) Season 1/2/3/4-9: The seasons should be listed ONLY under the episodes they pertain to. No other pages. Season 9 is okay for comic book, obviously.

14) Avatars: This category can stay

15) Elders: This category can stay

16) "Whitelighters" and "Half-Whitelighters": can just stay

17) Spells: - For any spell page

18) Book of Shadows Entry: ONLY for pages that pertain to entries from the BOS

19) Deceased: for any dead character

20) Comic Characters: This should be used for comic character. "Character" should not- that should be left for actual show characters only.

21) Charmed Comics: For all Charmed Comics only. I will leave the users/syops for the comics, to figure out what is best for their categories.

22) Warlocks: Obviously FOR warlocks ONLY

23) Magical Groups: for pages like Modus Operandi or The Triad, The Four horsemen, Avatars, etc.

24) Performer Gallery and Gallery: For actors in an image gallery

25) Character Gallery and Gallery : For characters image galleries

26) Bay Mirror Employees and Buckland's Auction House Employees: Those can stay.. I don't thnk there are enough characters to really make it an issue.

27) Charges: a general category- regardless who charge it was, "Charges" will work fine.

28) Magic School Professors and Students: Can stay

29) Law Enforcement: Can stay


Cole Turner:

Current Categories: Demons, Hybrids, Ultimate Powers, Avatars, Good demons, Empowered mortals, Evil Mortals, Book of Shadows entries, Deceased, Killed/vanquished, by potionsMortalsSecret KeepersInnocents SavedRecurring charactersCharactersSeason 3Season 4Season 5Season 7Killed/Vanquished by the Power of ThreePhoebe Halliwell's Love InterestsMortalsEmpowered mortalsHybridsDemonic AlliesAvatarsCharmed UniverseMain charactersBeing Who Betrayed the Charmed OnesSeason 8Prior to Season 1 Add category


Demons, Evil, Vanquished or Killed, Characters, Mortals, Magical beings

I hope everyone agrees that this will be SO much better!!! :)

If we work together, we can get through all the pages quickly! If you have a question.. if you are confused about which categories go on a page, please ask me or another admin first- I'd rather you ask, then us having to go back and delete more categories. There are already so many to go through as is. :)

--SignatureBuffyBasset 17:05, April 14, 2011 (UTC)

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