This wiki is in DESEPRATE NEED of having uploaded pictures catgorized.

I am going to start working through them. I think starting with the gallery pages might be a great place

to start.

Categories are simple:

Images by Character

Images by Actor

Images by Episodes

Images by Object

Images by Location

Images by Power

Images by Book of Shadows

Images by musician

Images by demons

Images by orbing

Images by User (for non-related Charmed pics/gifs etc)

Images by Crew (for directors, producers, etc)

and there are some categories that are like "Images of Piper Halliwell" that can be used if you see it.

PLEASE do not create more categories (If you think one is necessary, ask an Admin first)

Only use the ones listed above.

If you see duplicate pictures, make sure the picture is not on a page before deleting it. But PLEASE, if you see duplicates, don't ignore them... we do need to delete them.

I'd appreciate any help.

Thanks guys!

List is also found in our Wiki Policy

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