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  • PrueandPiper98

    So I know it’s been in the air for a while that there might be a comic animation for the 9th season of Charmed. I totally love the idea but also wish that they could use Holly's idea and the comic con and possible get the cast back together to do a movie or something. I think that would totally be fin and ahh like amazing. None the less a comic animation sounds amazing and as a fan I am grateful for all of the work the comic Charmed people have been doing. :D

    PrueandPiper98 (talk) 04:51, August 27, 2012 (UTC)

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  • PrueandPiper98

    I understand that it has been said all of Wyatt's extra special abilities have been removed. I however would just like to point out as another way of viewing things as that he might still be the twice-blessed child he was when he was born. It's written in stone and prophesied by wizards and elders that Wyatt would carry a great deal of power. That he would even be the welder of the Excalibur. It's also been brought to attention in the comic series that the elders messed with Melinda and made her a witch/whitelighter like her brothers in order to make Piper's children the new power of three. When Piper and Leo found out they were furious and the elders dissolved the prophecy there by leaving Wyatt a regular witch/whitelighter. The only thin…

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